Plastic is a planetary crisis, each week a new study is released about how plastic has been found in a new species or habitat in the Ocean. Everywhere we look inside animals, at the bottom of the ocean, in our water and in our air we find plastic.

The main problem is that plastics are designed to last. Larger items do disappear over time, but largely because they are broken into smaller and smaller fragments eventually becoming microplastics less than 5mm in size. Since the discovery upto now, we have produced over 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic, with very little of it recycled and most ending up in landfill or in the environment. Yet its global production continues to rise and by 2050, could be more than three times the levels of today. In Tanzania, over 315,000 tons of Plastics are improperly disposed a year, only 40% is being Collected and only 4% of this collected is being recycled while over 29,000 tons of Plastics are leaking into the Lakes, Rivers and into the Indian Ocean. Imagine!

Many marine species can become entangled in plastic debris or mistake it for food. Plastics also attract toxins and bind to other pollutants in the water, which can accumulate in increasing concentrations higher up the food chain.

At PREYO, we believe in three levels of change, Personal, Society and System level. Starting with Personal to family level and Society through Awareness and set of proper infrastructures while System Level through change of Policies.

We say, “Charity begins at Home”, well, we start with More Care and Less Plastic, for this round we aim to give FREE Waste bins to 5 Girl Schools, 6 Large Bins in 6 Local community Suburbs and 10 Compostable Biodegradable Garbage bags to each homes and Awareness to embrace the change, in the Coastal City of Dar es Salaam.


PREYO aim to change the normal of using “Mifuko ya Salfet” for home wastes and use proper bins where people can sort plastic from biowastes and dispose properly.

Plastic wastes collected from the Msimbazi river stream will be recycled into bricks for build Girls’ school toilets.

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