5 Things You Can Do About Plastic Waste

The world has a plastic problem like single-use plastic the kind of stuff you use once and throw away without a second thought. Is more popular than ever, plastic production has more than tripled since the 90s and half the plastic that ever existed was made after 2003.

You may be thinking who cares isn’t it all just recycled? You wish did you know in the US they recycle less than 10% of their plastic all that plastic has to go somewhere, to other countries as waste also they are thrown in a landfill or worst case scenario the ocean. Research shows that every year 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans, that’s like unloading a garbage truck full of plastic into the ocean every minute.

Right now there are literal islands of plastic clogging up the ocean with the fog.

But here’s the good news no one is powerless here.

Here are 5  ways you can cut down on single-use plastic

  1. Ditch plastic bags

These might seem free but the environmental cost is massive, you could drive a mile with the amount of petroleum it takes to make it which is 14 plastic bags, so instead always keep one reusable bag in a purse or coat pocket incase you forget bringing one.

According to research reusable bag used in the UK saves around 300 plastic bags per person per year.

2. Say goodbye to bottled water

It takes 3 times more water to produce a plastic water bottle than it does to fill one so why pay for something. When you can have one reusable bottle that can save up to 150 plastic water bottles per person per year in the UK. And if you’re worried about contaminants use a filter instead.

3.Say no to plastic utensils

Many plastic utensils are too flimsy to recycle so they pile up fast case in point the average American uses 560 plastic straws per year that seems unnecessary so take a pass on plastic ware.

The next time you order takeout or stash some silverware in your desk at work just in case

4. Avoid microbeads

These tiny skincare additives slip through water treatment systems and into lakes and oceans where they’re gobbled up by fish a single shower can result in 100,000 plastic particles entering the ocean.

That’s why places like the UK have started banning them entirely

5. Shop smart

Fill a reusable bag with cereal pasta and rice from bulk bins buy loose fruits and veggies and skip the bag if you have to buy something in a plastic container. Always go for the biggest size possible so you accumulate less plastic.

Have you learn something today?

Got any plastic pro plastic tips? Share yours in the comments

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