Our project is about ensuring proper disposal of plastic wastes in coastal environments, creating value and opportunities through them.
With our project we aim to provide our own made modern plastic collection bins to local community in coastal areas and emphasizing them into proper plastic waste disposal but also peering them into opportunities that come through valuing of plastic wastes.
These bins will also be provided to marine and land public transports, residential and public settlements, bus stands, airports, schools, universities and colleges. All this is be certain that each part of the coastal environment has tools (our collection bins) that simplifies the disposal and collection of plastic wastes.


There is a lot of opportunities laying within the plastic wastes and majority of the waste management personnel are not aware of them. By knowing our team is obligated in providing a vision and awareness to the personnel also including the waste pickers. We provide also educations from the types of plastics to their effects to humans and the environment in general.
In Dodoma city, we partnered with the Creative Youth Initiative For Transformation (CYIFT) to educate their youth teams DYCE that collects wastes direct from homes to the municipal disposal areas. They were given knowledge on how they can transform the wastes into valuable materials to earn an economy.
Through PLASTEDU we plan to provide in depth awareness along the regions of Tanzania, starting from the great coastal city of Dar es salaam where a lot of plastic wastes are produced to the rural where people do not know yet the effects, solutions and opportunities from plastic wastes


Throuth this amazing project we believe improving the ways of the waste pickers, giving them access to more better methods of their work and ensuring efficiency when doin so. Provision of equipments and transport guts to carry the plastic wastes around the local communities fastens and easiens the work of carrying big nets of plastic in long distances to the selling areas.
This has improved the health of wastepickers from reduction of backborn pains, healthy waste picking and assured efficiency in large plastic waste collection and economy rise as they sell.
With this project, our goal is to provide over 500 carriage gutas to the waste pickers and increase the plastic waste collection to 4 times of the current ability of a single wastepickers, that is about 80kg per wastepicker per day, giving a total collection of over 40 tons per day and 14600 tons per year.

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