About Us

The Plastic Recycling and Youth Empowerment Organisation – PREYO TZ– is Tanzania’s youth Organisation found in 2019 aiming to reduce the plastic pollution problem in Tanzania and Africa at large. We are driven by the urge to end the waste pollution problems in cities by turning waste into valuable commodities. We have managed to reap the benefit out of plastic wastes by turning them into refillable block pavement (building materials) and Automobile rubber bushings. Our mission is to restore, protect and enhance the environment, to ensure public health, environmental quality, and economic vitality. We plan to turn every trace and remains of plastics into precious reusable items.  Economically, we shall harness the benefit of waste and plastic trash where after the installation of the plastic recycling industry more than 2,000 individuals especially the youth will get direct and indirect employment.

“A better environment for all, now and for future generations”

“To innovate and create a better world through recycling”

1. Flexible teamwork
2. Positive relationships
3. Excellence and mutual respect
4. Credibility and collaboration
5. Solidarity and efficiency

The strength of our team is the diversity and complementarity of skills available in terms of Vocational Trainings. Some members have the skills to fabricate machines suitable for crushing plastics and Injection molding and extruding machines. Also, the team comprises social innovators capable of attracting strong partnerships in the recycling business. That is attracting people who are in a position to support our work in terms of running costs and buying materials for making our own machines. Moreover, networking with other recyclers, staying open to new ideas and partnerships has boosted our innovation capacities and visibility and this has allowed them to produce good quality products.

We have managed to collect about 6,000 tons of plastic including both PET bottles and PP and 3000 tons of HDPE.
We have successfully raised awareness about plastic waste in the restaurant community, and at the bus stands because these are the main sources of plastic littering.
We have partnered with NipeFagio and Zaidi recycling at various events of beach cleanup where we have collected a significant amount of plastics thereby preventing leakage into the environment. These initiatives have received global attention and we have received a Green African Global climatic African ambassador award and the Mohamed Dewji Foundation support.
We have supported about 200 people who are waste pickers through provision of working tools like Tricycles (Guta), boots, clothes and gloves. Educating them on proper waste collection ethics, health and their social values and through the purchase of plastic waste.

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